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          Changzhou Chentao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Changzhou Chentao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is founded in 2011, locating in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, a professional enterprises of disposal medical equipment which integrates research and development, production, as well as sales, built with a GMP certified 100,000 level purification workshop and a complete physical, chemical, biological laboratory. The main products of our company are the disposable uterus biopsy forceps for gynecology series and the disposal endoscope biopsy forceps for minimal invasive series, favored by users due to high cost performance.....[More]
          Changzhou Chentao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
          FAX:?0519-81883993 http://www.szsb.org? E-mail:?yaozt@czctylqx.com
          ADD:?No715 heheng road, zhenglu town, tianning district, changzhou city, Jiangsu Prov, China
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